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Medusa sculpture by Javier Marin


Medusa sculpture by Javier Marin

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Victorian Cinquedea Dagger 

  • Provenance: The William Ashby Collection

The Cinquedea (“five fingers”, in reference to the blade width) was a popular civilian sidearm originating in Northern Italy circa 1525-1550. This is a Victorian example measuring 22 3/4 inches overall, the blade is 17 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide across the base, with ten fullers on each side, arranged in four expanding rows from tip to base, the last two rows on each side are decorated with golden scroll and leafy vine patterns, extending 9 inches upward, surrounding a 2 inch wide scene of a Greco-Roman deity on each side.

One side features Jupiter/Zeus sitting in his chair, lightning clenched in his fist, while Aquila, the eagle responsible for carrying and guarding the bolts, looks on. The reverse shows Pluto/Hades seated on a throne with a scroll in his hand, while Cerberus, the 3-headed guard dog of the underworld, is seated beside him and a cypress tree in the background. The gold decoration continues on the guard and pommel, with a pair of smooth ivory grip panels fitted with cut-through metal disc accents. 

Source: Copyright © 2014 Rock Island Auctions

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Venetian Polaxe for the Foot Tournament 

  • Dated: first quarter of the 16th century
  • Culture: Italian
  • Measurements: head 43.3 cm. Overall length 196 cm

This “ascia da fante” has a head of characteristic two-part construction secured centrally by a transverse bolt with short pyramidal heads, with sharply tapering hollow-triangular spike on a moulded two-stage neck. The latter is extending to form a pair of straps each retained by six nails and fitted over the common neck of the axe-blade and pean.

The juncture is impaled by a transverse bolt, with symmetrical axe-blade with convex edge and a strongly cusped back edges. There’s a pierced quatrefoil inlaid with the maker’s mark, a leaping stag, and with moulded triangular pean (fur resembling ermine but with gold spots on a black ground) with a rectangular face cut with a diamond-pointed rusticated pattern over its surface.

There are three comparable examples are in the former armoury of The Council of Ten in the Palazzo Ducale, Venice (CX 1450, CX 1458 and A 897). For the first two see BOCCIA, Lionello G. & COELHO, Eduardo T., "Armi Bianche Italiane", Milan 1975, nos. 268 and 269, p.358. for the third see FRANZOI, Umberto, "L’Armeria del Palazzo Ducale a Venezia", Dosson (Treviso) 1990, no.321, pp. 113 and 195,fig. 108.

Source: Copyright © 2014 Hermann Historica

polaxes are so cool

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Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Amila Omerika, posted by wnderlst


Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Amila Omerika, posted by wnderlst
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Baroness | ‘Yellow/Green’ | 1st press | 2xLP | Black | /1000 | Relapse Records | 2012


Baroness | ‘Yellow/Green’ | 1st press | 2xLP | Black | /1000 | Relapse Records | 2012

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Awesome aerial photos of Iceland by Sarah Martinet

on Facebook, 500px

French photographer Sarah Martinet recently took an excursion from her usual wedding and portrait work to shoot this fantastic series of aerial landscapes of Iceland. Capturing the Nordic country’s beautiful, lush hills and valleys was no easy task. Sarah hung herself out the side of an open airplane to get these unobstructed shots of the Icelandic countryside. Every mountain peak, rushing waterfall, and flowing waterway is able to be seen all at once in each terrific shot thanks to the hard to get angles. She has much more of her work from Iceland, including many she shot on the ground which allowed to get some great intimate shots of an Iceland viking village

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